The heavy and ergonomic storage range

PRODEX offers ergonomic heavy storage solutions for the integration into storage installations.
We can study the assembly on your existing installation or provide a suitable structure.

Pallet drawer

PRODEX offers all types of extractable drawers to be fixed on the floor or in storage installations, industrial shelving.
They can be equiped with decking or grating. The pallet drawer perfectly fit to the pallet storage. Thanks to its simplicity of use, this industrial shelving accessory will facilitate the manual handling of items stored on pallets.
This ergonomic storage solution avoids painful postures and handling for the operator.
The drawer storage system is aligned with all ergonomics and work safety regulations.

  • Facilitate the picking

  • Ergonomic

  • Removable

  • Ideal for heavy loads

Drawer on rail 100%

Can be fitted to any type of pallet racking.
Quick and easy fixing to your existing racking using the brackets supplied with the drawer. Improved picking ergonomics. Automatic locking of drawers in closed position

Drawer on rail 70%

The runner fixation to the ladder enables to reduce the height between the levels; and increase the number of storage levels on height. The order picking time are optimised thanks to the direct access and the complete visibility of the products stored in the pallet drawer.

Ground pallet drawer, 70%

Pallet drawer with 70% extraction of the storage area, with floor fixing kit and handle.

Capacity to 1000 kg, divided load.

Ground pallet drawer, 100%

Pallet drawer with 100% extraction of the storage area, with floor fixing kit and handle.

Capacity to 1000 kg, divided load.

This is the solution for industrial storage upstream and downstream of workstations, picking storage for order picking, storage of tooling, sizes and components assembly, production pieces, etc.
And for all heavy parts and assemblies that need to be picked up vertically by mechanical handling equipment.

Pallet drawers enable to reduce the space between two racks with vertical pick-up
because there is no need of stacker or
lift trucks set back.

Drawer furnitures

Storage and safety combined: drawer shelving is a concept that considerably reduces the time required to handle safely long and heavy loads. It facilitates the storage and handling of your most sensitive products.
It is a self-stabilising, welded and dismountable free-standing rack with height-adjustable rails.
The sides of the rack can be equipped with folding and locking side rails.
The drawers of the rack are delivered with an open bottom as standard, but can be equipped with a sheet metal or wooden bottom.

  • Ideal for sheets, cloths, hides, tools.

  • Ideal for sheet metal or other plate materials.Lubricated drawers with bearings.

  • Shelf top available as an option

  • Pull-out drawers


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