The carton and bin conveyor range

PRODEX offers a range of motorized or non-motorized conveyors for light loads.

Our conveyors are adapted to the handling of cartons, parcels, boxes and other flat bottom loads. Our conveyor systems enable to increase your productivity and to improve ergonomics for your operators.

Our conveyors, light loads transporters, can be used for the transport to the storage area, manufacturing, production line, order picking, packaging and shipping.


Thanks to its design office, PRODEX designs and manufactures customised cartons conveyors and other light loads, adapted to your constraints of width, length, height, speed, colour, etc.

Our conveyors are designed and manufactured in our factory in Brittany (France).

The basic system can be customised according to the conveyor system, the environmental conditions and the type of application.

Different electric drives are used in the conveyor technology: gear motor, motorized rollers. In addition, the weight of the products to be transported can be directly exploited for gravity applications, for example on downhill conveyors.

  • Each conveyor is designed and adapted to the business process:

  • Increases productivity

  • Saves time

  • Quick to install

  • Easily upgradeable

  • Custom-made

Free Roller Conveyor

The free roller conveyor is recommended for the transport andaccumulation of various flat bottom and rigid loads, such as cartons, trays, boxes, etc.

The mechanism is simple for the free roller conveyor:

Non-motorised rollers are placed on a horizontal conveyor. The operator has to push the item to move it forward.

(available in stainless steel)

Motorised roller conveyor

This range of motorised roller conveyors is advantageous in terms of space and maintenance (low noise level, maintenance reduced).

This conveyor can be used for many logistic applications, industrial and order picking applications.Easy to implement, it is the ideal tool to increase productivity and improve working conditions(available in stainless steel).

The automation of our motorized conveyors is integrated by our company DPA Global Solutions.

Extensible conveyor

Extensible conveyors can be used to handle variable or ephemeral flows. This type of conveyor can be used to optimise working time when (un)loading trucks or containers. You can also use them at the entrances and exits of machines, or to set up a temporary handling flow.

The automation of our extendible conveyors is integrated by our company DPA Global Solutions.

Belt conveyors

The advantage of the belt conveyor is that it can be adapted to a wide range of items, flat bottom or not, non packaged items, plastic boxes or cartons. This conveyor is adapted for all areas of a logistics centre or industrial company: reception, production, storage, order picking and shipping.

The automation of our belt conveyors is integrated by our company DPA Global Solutions.

PRODEX also designs curved conveyors (45° to 90°) and 45° angle conveyors to ensure the change of direction of your conveyor lines or to make a complete loop, while ensuring the continuity and fluidity of your processes.

Conveyor accessories

PRODEX proposes accessories, additional equipment to be integrated into your conveyor lines, and adapted to your activity.
Several options are possible depending on the conveyor equipment: lateral guidance, special feet, specific width, specific painting, fixed or retractable stop bump, etc.

  • Adapted to our conveyors and your needs

  • Ergonomic

  • Thinning order picking

  • Reduces the number of operations

Ball tables

Ball tables increase the ergonomics of the workplaces. The operator can easily rotate or transfer cartons and containers. The load must have a rigid flat bottom. PRODEX can integrate the ball table into a free roller conveyor or motorised roller conveyor line.

Free rollers gate

The swing or lift roller gate enables for easy passage of personnel and vehicles.
The free roller gate ensures easy movement of staff between conveyor lines. It can be fitted to a fixed element with free rollers or motorised rollers.

Weighing post

The conveyor weighing station enables you to directly weigh your bins, boxes and products transported by the conveyor. This conveyor weighing equipment weighs loads of up to 60 kg with an accuracy of 1 gram.
Option: Pivoting wheels with brake.

Lifting table

The elevating table is a piece of equipment that facilitates the loading and unloading of your boxes, bins and all types of goods at height. This automated system saves time for the handling of boxes by the operator (reduces the risk of musculoskeletal disorders).


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