Live storage


Allows the product rotation in FIFO mode (First In – First Out).

Increase storage space by deleting  alleys

Increase moving time of order pickers

Saving picking time thanks a better  ergonomy

Very low risk of error : each reference is on “rails”

Grater safety : the handling devices for the replanishment are separated from order pickers.

Energy saving : the goods are moved using gravity, no source of electrical, hydroelectric or pneumatic energy is needed.

Loading saving time, decreased movements, free loading alley because different of the picking alley

Direct replenishment of the assembly lines with any kind of contents

Mechanical system without maintenance.



Application Areas

Order picking

Power supply of the assembly lines

FIFO or LIFO buffer storage



Concerned activities

Pharmaceuticals distributuionl’

Auto industry

Cosmetics and perfumes

Office supplies



food (packaged products)

Distribution of electrical products