The dynamic storage range

PRODEX designs a wide range of dynamic storage solutions: on wheels, with drawers, equipped with dynamic corridors.
Our dynamic shelving are adapted to your activity, your flat-bottom boxes and your pallets.

PRODEX has developed a range of dynamic storage system for refrigerators . This range is mainly used for the order-picking of drugs in the pharmaceutical industry. These dynamic shelving are custom designed to fit to cold rooms and keep drugs at the right temperature.

Dynamic carton storage – Gravity cartons

Our dynamic storage systems for cartons or plastic bins, also known as gravity cartons, are designed based on medium-heavy or heavy shelving. These products can be combined with higher levels of static storage.

  • Ergonomic

  • Increases the number of references for picking

  • Reduces operator movements

  • Enables LIFO (Last In First Out) or FIFO (First In First Out) working

  • Enables production’s increase

Carton flow rack and integrated conveyor

This dynamic storage solution enables an easy picking of pieces contained in complete boxes while enabling to increase the number of references for the picking. The integrated conveyor can be with free or motorised rollers, in PVC, steel or stainless steel (variable width).

It reduces operator movement and tiredness while improving productivity.

Dynamic storage carton flow rack with gradation

The dynamic storage with a one-level withdrawal (gradation) enables an optimisation of the storage surface by eliminating aisles. It enables a better visualisation of the products and saves time on picking. Dynamic storage with gradation improves ergonomics.

This dynamic racking makes the risk of errors very low, and increases security.

Large deep dynamic storage

Large deep dynamic storage enables a gain in storage volume. We design and manufacture range of robust dynamic storage that enable for depths of up to 5 meters.
This storage solution also reduces movements.

Our range of combined large deep dynamic racking is ideal for laundries in order to store textile items on laundry trays in the most hygienic conditions.

Dynamic storage integrated in a pallet rack

This dynamic rack is only proposed by PRODEX and MAVIPAL. This product can be integrated into all single and double-sided pallet racks. The dynamic racking is designed in standard width or custom-made adapted to the different bays. It can be integrated into your existing pallet racking.

The elements enable a fast changeover from static to dynamic racking. This storage solution is practical for the reorganisation of the warehouse.

Mobile dynamic storage

Our mobile dynamic storage units for carton or trays are mounted on swivel castors with integrated brakes. It’s available in widths and depths adapted to your needs according to your parcels or your available space. For intensive use, the frames can be fitted with reinforced rails and castors to resist the impact of the bins.

  • Ergonomic

  • Easy organisation of picking areas

  • Easy cleaning of storage areas

  • Can be integrated into existing pallet racks

  • FIFO (First In First Out) or LIFO (Last In First Out) operation

Multi-level mobile dynamic storage with gradient

PRODEX develops a full range of dynamic racking that provides a better ergonomics. The dynamic storage unit with gradient enables to gain levels and facilitates the picking.

Low profile mobile dynamic

PRODEX designs low-profile dynamic rack systems that enable you to gain storage levels. The low-profile dynamic storage unit facilitates installation under a pallet rack.

Protected mobile dynamic

PRODEX also designs dynamic furniture for the storage of your sensitive products. We offer various options: with grilles, secured roller shutters or doors.

Custom mobile dynamic

PRODEX develops and manufactures your dynamic racking according to your characteristics, your products to be stored and your spaces to be fitted out. Our teams will support you throughout the project.

PRODEX adapts to your requirements by offering you custom dynamic storage solutions.
Developed by our design office and manufactured in our factory in Brittany (France).

Pallet flow racking

PRODEX designs and manufactures two types of pallet flow racking.

FIFO (First In First Out) pallet flow racks means that the goods stored first will also be picked first. The supply and picking sides are separated. This system is also called dynamic storage or flow storage. Its advantages are, among others, a good use of the storage area and the easy monitoring of perishable goods.

LIFO (Last In First Out) pallet flow racking means that the goods stored last are picked first. This system has a single loading and unloading point, and the goods are stored by pushing the previous goods to the bottom.

  • Saves pallet space

  • Reduces operator movements

  • Enables LIFO or FIFO operation

  • Ergonomic

  • Facilitates stock rotation

  • Massification of the stock

Floor Rails/Free roller modules

Our free standing roller tracks are placed on the floor and enables pallets to be moved by simply pushing by the operator. The line is composed of 2 or 3 rails. Several widths are possible depending on the handling’s pallets.

These floor rails for pallets are equipped with electro-galvanized steel rollers with a diameter adapted to the load. Pich rollers is adjustable according to the size, weight and type of pallet.

Pallets flow rack with cartons flow rack

Depending on your activity, you have the possibility to combine the two PRODEX’s dynamic storage ranges. Dynamic storage furniture for your cartons and other light loads above a pallets flow rack or other heavy loads.

This combination of dynamic furniture enables you to store your pallets under your picking area.

Pallets flow racking

These dynamic shelving lines with large rollers can store pallets with a width of 800, 1000 or 1200 mm. These dynamic elements are equipped with adjustable rollers according to the dimensions, weight and types of pallets to be stored.

Characteristics of the pallets flow racking:

– enables the storage of both food and non-food products.
– FIFO principle(First In First Out)
– or LIFO principle (Last In Fast Out)

3-way pallet flow rack

PRODEX designs 3-way dynamic storage solutions for pallet picking and evacuation of the empty pallet by pallet truck and 2 levels of carton flow rack above.

Equipment of the lines:

– speed regulating rollers
– pallet separator enabling the 1st pallet to be moved without risk
– pallet entry guides
– 3-way exit for pallet pick-up by pallet truck
– floor conveyor for lateral evacuation of empty pallets

Pallets flow racking saves real time in order picking.
It reduces up to 70% the picking distances. It also saves space by eliminating aisles.
PRODEX adapts to your requirements by offering you custom dynamic storage solutions.
Developed by our design office and manufactured in our factory in Brittany (France).


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