The order picking range

PRODEX designs furniture and order preparation solutions to optimize your warehouse efficiency and maximize your team’s productivity. Our order preparation furniture is specifically designed to offer organized storage, easy product accessibility, and streamlined order sorting and packaging. Leveraging our expertise in logistics and deep understanding of businesses’ needs, we provide tailored solutions that accelerate your operations while minimizing errors.

Whether you require a manual or automated order preparation system, we have the perfect solution for you. Enhance your operational efficiency and offer your customers a superior experience by choosing our furniture and order preparation solutions.

Simple or integrated order picking

Definition: Order picking is an operation that involves picking and assembling items in the quantity specified by the order before its shipment.

Here are the 3 stages of order preparation:
– The Picking : the order picker in charge of a picking mission will follow the indications of his terminal or his picking slip to pick the necessary articles for each orders.
– The Sorting: the picked items will be sorted in order to be dispatched by customer order.
– The Packaging: the packaging of prepared packages aims to protect the product and to facilitate handling and transport operations.

  • Reduces the length of distances

  • Limits load breaking

  • Limits the risk of damage

  • Optimises the accessibility of items

  • Uses storage furniture adapted to the characteristics of the products

  • Improves the ergonomics of workstations

  • Increases productivity

Simple picking

Dynamic picking and conveyor order-picking line.

Integrated picking

Order-picking line with ball-bearing table, weighing station, conveyor and dynamic picking.

End of line picking

Example of order picking with 6 control stations and motorised conveyor for transfer to shipping and palleting.

The automation is integrated by our company DPA Global Solutions.

Sorting system

Example of an order picking system with a conveyor sorting system with conveyor settings on a touch screen.

The automation is integrated by our company DPA Global Solutions.

The order picking lines can also integrate a weighing post, carton closing, strapping, etc.
The PRODEX teams help you design your order picking line, adapted to your activity.

Pick to Light

PRODEX is expanding its range of order picking systems and making storage intelligent with the Pick to Light picker assistance system.

This visual guidance of the operator increases the quality of order picking (simple or complex) and reduces the risk of errors compared to a traditional list picking system.

  • Ideal for the e-commerce order process.

  • LED light display or screen display, showing to the operator, equipped with a terminal, the place of the products to be picked in the storage aisles.

  • Ergonomic and reliable system.

  • Optimises order processing time.

  • Immediate visual identification of the picking place.


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