The ergonomics of roller or belt conveyors is an important aspect in the design of these transport systems used in many industries. Conveyors are used to move light or heavy loads efficiently and quickly, so they must be designed to minimize risk to the operators using them.
Roller or belt conveyors can present health and safety risks to individuals, such as musculoskeletal injuries from manually carrying loads, fall risks and load handling risks. To minimize these risks, the PRODEX design office takes into account all your criteria in order to design ergonomic and safe conveyors.
One of the main characteristics of an ergonomic conveyor is that it is easy to use. This means that operators do not need to bend, stoop or move awkwardly to use the conveyor. Ergonomic conveyors must also be wide and spaced far enough to enable operators to move freely around them without being impeded by moving loads.

With 70 years of experience, PRODEX takes care of each step in the ergonomic design of its roller and belt conveyors. This is an important criterion for limiting the risk of MSDs and work-related accidents. PRODEX conveyors are designed to be simple to use, safe for load handling, easy to maintain and clean, increase efficiency and minimize risks for operators.
Our conveying equipment (ball tables, turntables, lifting tables, etc.) are also designed to meet the ergonomic requirements for workstation equipment and handling station design.

If you have projects for the installation of conveyor systems to optimize your logistics and improve the working conditions in your warehouses, do not hesitate to contact us. The PRODEX teams, MAVENTIS group, will study your project and will accompany you in the optimal development of your conveyors.