Order preparation is a crucial link in the supply chain for businesses. Optimal management of this stage can not only improve customer satisfaction but also enhance your productivity and improve working conditions for your employees by reducing the risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

PRODEX expertise in order preparation

PRODEX designs furniture and order preparation solutions to optimize the efficiency of your warehouse, facilitate picking, and maximize the productivity of your teams. Our order preparation furniture is specifically designed to provide organized storage, easy product accessibility, ergonomics, and ease of order picking and sorting. Leveraging our expertise in logistics and deep understanding of businesses’ needs, we provide tailored solutions that accelerate your operations while minimizing errors.
PRODEX designs, manufactures, and installs order preparation solutions for clients in various industries, such as large-scale distribution, food processing, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, high-end leather goods, and luxury products.

Your lines can be equipped with: dynamic storage, ergonomic drawer storage, automated or non-automated conveyors, ball tables, and many other equipment designed by PRODEX.

Importance of the order preparation

In the industrial sector, order preparation involves several steps: product picking, sorting, and packing. Each step must be executed with precision to ensure the correct products reach the customer within the agreed time frames.

Product picking

Product picking is often the most time-consuming step. Using ergonomically designed and adapted solutions for your activity can optimize operator routes and reduce picking time. Additionally, technologies like pick-to-light systems can improve the visibility of products to be picked.


Picked items are sorted to be dispatched according to customer orders.


Packing must be suited to the nature of the products to prevent damage during transportation. Automated solutions can help standardize and speed up this step while minimizing costs. PRODEX can integrate equipment such as carton sealing, ball tables, weighing stations, and more into your order preparation solution.

For more information on how PRODEX can help you optimize your order preparation processes, please do not hesitate to contact us.