Motorized conveyors (automated conveyors) are transportation systems used in various industrial applications to move materials, containers, from one place to another. They are used in the food industries, pharmaceutical, logistics, distribution, packaging, manufacturing and many other industries.

Motorized conveyors are designed to facilitate the movement of heavy or bulky loads, reduce processing time and improve the efficiency of production processes. They are also used to transport loads over long distances or in environments that are difficult for people to access.

Motorized conveyors can be equipped with different control technologies to suit the requirements of each application. They can be equipped with sensors to detect the positions and movements of packages or other loads, weighing devices to measure quantities, sorting systems to separate different types of materials and speed control systems to adjust the flow rate according to the needs.

Motorized conveyors can be manufactured in different configurations according to the specific needs of each application. Powered roller conveyors are commonly used to transport heavy loads over long distances, while powered belt conveyors are more suitable for transporting light to medium loads.

The motorized conveyors can also be equipped with different accessories to adapt to the specific needs of each application. Accessories such as side guides, safety gates, product guidance systems and sorting systems can be added to improve the efficiency and safety of the conveyor system.

The design and manufacture of motorized conveyors requires extensive engineering, electrical, mechanical and process control expertise. PRODEX teams specialize in the design and manufacture of motorized conveyors and work closely with its customers to understand their specific needs and design customized solutions to meet those needs. Automation is integrated by our company DPA Global Solutions.

So, motorized conveyors are essential transport systems for modern industries, offering increased efficiency, reduced processing times and improved process safety. By working with experts in motorized conveyor design and manufacturing, companies can be assured that their conveyor systems will be designed and manufactured to the highest standards to meet their specific needs.