Ergonomics in industrial warehousing is essential to optimize efficiency and productivity. This approach encompasses a variety of techniques and tools, from drawer racking to dynamic storage solutions and order picking. A well-designed workstation and well-thought-out storage space are key elements in facilitating your employees’ working conditions. Let’s discover together how to improve the ergonomics of your industrial storage for an optimized working environment.

Thanks to its in-house design office, PRODEX’s teams can design ergonomic furniture to suit your business and your products.

How can I make my workstation ergonomic?

The ergonomics of industrial storage is based on certain fundamental principles:

  • Product storage must be designed to minimize physical effort. Efficient, ergonomic storage can be achieved by using dynamic shelving, or drawer shelving where products are easily accessible.
  • The arrangement of the workspace must take into account the specific needs of each operator. This can involve adjusting the height of workstations, choosing appropriate handling equipment for heavy loads, drawer storage for flat storage of your fragile or simply bulky products, or logical organization of tools and products.

  • Operator safety is another important consideration. It can be ensured by the use of ergonomic storage solutions that minimize the risk of accidents and occupational illness.
  • Finally, movement optimization is another aspect to consider. The aim is to limit unnecessary movement and facilitate handling. For example, the heaviest or most frequently used products should be within easy reach to minimize effort and maximize efficiency.

These principles help create an optimized work environment, where employee well-being is taken into account and productivity is maximized.

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