The countdown is coming to an end for Team Maventure 4L. In just six days, the duo of Axel JOSEPH EDMOND and Thomas HEZARD will set off on the Moroccan tracks to participate in the 27th edition of the prestigious 4L Trophy.

For several months, Axel JOSEPH EDMOND and Thomas HEZARD have worked tirelessly to prepare their Renault 4L. They carefully restored the bodywork and added a final touch with custom branding in the colors of our group MAVENTIS, reflecting our values and humanitarian commitment.

The 4L Trophy goes far beyond just a race; it represents a true call to action in support of the education of underprivileged children in Morocco. By supporting this noble cause, Maventure 4L perfectly embodies the spirit of solidarity and mutual aid represented by our group MAVENTIS.

In addition to preparing their vehicle, Axel and Thomas also collected school supplies for children in need in Morocco. These will be distributed during the race. Their commitment to this cause has been exemplary, and we want to express our deep gratitude to everyone who has pledged and contributed to this collection.

As the big departure approaches, the team feels more determined than ever to face the challenges ahead. With great determination, they approach this race with courage, ready to push their limits and make the most of it.

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