The MAVENTIS group is proud to announce its support for Axel JOSEPH EDMOND and Thomas HEZARD, two friends participating in the 27 ème edition of the 4L Trophy project. As a sponsor of this team, MAVENTIS is excited to see its name associated with this exciting and human adventure.

After several months of intense preparation, the Maventure 4L duo will start on February 15, 2024, under crew number 1221 for an exceptional event: the 27th edition of the 4L Trophy.

What is the principle of this project?

It is the largest 100% youth rally raid in Europe, driving a 4L car. Equipped with a compass and a roadbook, the teams must reach point A to point B every day without any GPS system. On board their Renault 4L cars, they cross the vast landscapes of southeastern Morocco and meet the local population. Ten days of adventure and nearly 6,000 kilometers on the roads of France, Spain, and the Moroccan tracks, during which all the teams have an extraordinary experience.

In 2023, during the 26th edition of the raid, nearly 1,200 teams started from the Halle d’Iraty in Biarritz aboard the legendary Renault 4L. Nearly 10 nationalities and close to 1,300 establishments were represented, from IUT to HEC, from Mines Paris to BTS mechanics, from Sup de Co to the Faculty of Arts.

The 4L Trophy is a great challenge that is both sports-oriented and supportive. To succeed, the teams will discover the true meaning of mutual aid. Giving of oneself, receiving to leave proud of having given everything for oneself and for others.

Challenges of the 4L Trophy:

The 4L Trophy is an event that combines adventure spirit and humanitarian aspect. Indeed, the objective of this race is not only to cross the finish line first, but also to collect and distribute school supplies to disadvantaged children in Morocco. It is a humanitarian project that gives profound meaning to this adventure. By participating, our team has the opportunity to support four associations. For over fifteen years, Désertours has been working in collaboration with the association “Enfants du Désert” to work in the field. Since 2012, 26 classrooms have been opened, 260,000 children have benefited from school and sports equipment, and more than 70 projects have been implemented. The project also helps support the Basque branch of the French Red Cross by gathering nearly 20,000 meals that will be distributed to families.

In addition to these two associations, there is also support for the association Cap Eco Solidaire, which carries out actions related to environmental protection, and the Moroccan branch of Surfrider Foundation.

Shared values:

The Maventure 4L team, a duo of motivated young people, shares the same values as the MAVENTIS group. Team spirit, determination, and a passion for adventure are the keywords of their participation in the 4L Trophy. They have been preparing seriously for several months and are ready to face the challenges that await them.

Our group is proud to sponsor this great project that will bring together nearly 2,200 students and young professionals from all walks of life.

This iconic race promises to be an extraordinary adventure, testing the endurance, resourcefulness, and team spirit of the participants.

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