Some time ago, we shared excellent news: MAVENTIS is sponsoring a young team participating in the 27th edition of the 4L TROPHY.

Our duo Axel JOSEPH EDMOND and Thomas HEZARD will set off on February 15, 2024, under the crew number 1221.

The vehicle proudly representing our group is gradually taking shape, as our duo has been working on the preparations for the 4L for the big day for several months.

Two crucial steps have been completed:

After several weeks of effort, one of the most crucial steps of the project has been accomplished: the restoration of the 4L’s bodywork The sanding and painting phase proceeded with precision, giving our faithful car a new lease on life.

The result ? A flamboyant 4L now proudly displaying the colors of our MAVENTIS group

Following this restoration, we completed the vehicle’s branding, which complemented its design:

The adhesives, specially designed for the project, gave our 4L a unique look.

Each company in the group is represented: MAVIPAL, PRODEX, DPAGS, and LAVAYSSIERE, with the aim of symbolizing our values and commitment to a humanitarian cause that is close to our hearts.

Today, the duo Axel and Thomas are ready to face the numerous challenges that await them on the Moroccan tracks in their 4L.

For MAVENTIS, this project goes beyond a simple orienteering rally. It is a mission in favor of education and a commitment to the future of underprivileged children; that is why our group is proud to see its name associated with this exciting and human adventure.

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