Efficiently managing storage space is crucial in many industries. PRODEX “Pal-Xpert” pallet drawers are a solution that combines both storage and safety to meet these needs.

PRODEX offers a range of extractable pallet drawers, suitable for floor mounting or integration into existing storage applications. These drawers are designed to address various applications in the industrial sector, whether it’s upstream or downstream of workstations, for order preparation, storage of tool, molds, templates, assembly components, production pieces and much more.

One of the key features of these pallet drawers is their adaptability to existing storage installations. These drawers can be perfectly integrated into existing pallet racking, optimizing available space while maintaining easy access to stored products.

Simplicity of use is another essential advantage, making manual handling of items stored on pallets much more convenient.

Concerning ergonomics and workplace safety, PRODEX’s pallet drawers comply with all relevant rules and norms, ensuring a safe and comfortable working environment for operators handling pallets.

The “Pal-Xpert” range of pallet drawers offers various systems to meet diverse customer needs:

  • Drawer on rail 100%: This system provides full access to the pallet, making it easy to handle goods
  • – Drawer on rail 70%: This system leaves a portion of the pallet exposed for quick access to pallet contents.
  • – Ground Pallet Drawer, 100%: Ideal for ground-level pallet storage, offering complete accessibility to stored products.
  • – Ground Pallet Drawer, 70%: A variation of the previous system, leaving part of the pallet accessible for swift handling.

The structure of these pallet drawers is finished in galvanized steel, ensuring exceptional durability and increased resistance.

PRODEX “Pal-Xpert” pallet drawers are a versatile solution, offering efficient storage, optimal ergonomics, and enhanced safety in various industrial applications. With their adaptability to existing racking and various options, they are a valuable asset for improving storage operation’s efficiency.