PRODEX designs motorized roller conveyor systems that enable controlled movement of light loads (boxes, packages, crates, and other flat-bottomed loads) to their desired locations. Each zone of the conveyor has a motorized roller and a detection cell that will enable the loads to accumulate one after the other, without obstruction.

The advantages

Robust system designed to withstand high-performance daily operations.
Ergonomic and compact design for better working conditions.
Increases productivity.
easily expandable

Our motorized roller conveyor is advantageous in terms of space-saving and maintenance (reduced noise level, very little maintenance).

This conveyor can be used for many logistic, industrial and order picking applications. Easy to implement, it is the best tool to increase productivity and improve working conditions.

PRODEX offers you straight, curved and cob roller conveyors, in order to realize a conveying system that respects your constraints, your activity and your space. Our conveyors exist in stainless steel version and also in heavy load transport version (pallets and boxes).

We also offer additional equipment that can complete your conveyor lines, such as ball tables, gates, weighing stations and turntables. Our teams will accompany you throughout your project of logistic and transitique layout of your warehouse.

The automation is integrated by our company DPA Global Solutions.

PRODEX adapts its logistics solutions according to your products, your needs and your constraints. All our installations are custom-made.

Our motorized roller conveyors are developed and manufactured in our factory in Brittany (near Rennes). To know more about our products.